World’s Most Expensive Sneaker – Nike Mag

Original price: N/A

Resale value: $28,638

Who hasn’t seen the Back to the Future series? 27 years ago the movie showed a pair of Nike shoes that were able to auto lace. Now after 27 years Nike has now caught up with the movie and made a pair of sneakers that actually auto lace just like Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future Part II.

The Nike Mag is the most prized sneaker in the world and Nike only made 100 paid which has made them the most sought after sneaker in the world pushing aside the Yeezy’s from Adidas.

Out of the 89 pairs made most were given away in a raffle as most were auctioned off and those willing to spend were the ones that got this sneaker. Nike and The Michael J. Fox Foundation proudly announce the release of the 2016 Nike Mag — a limited-edition release of only 89 pairs available globally through an online draw. Right now the resale value is estimated at around $28,638.

Most recently 3 pairs of Nike MAG sneakers were sold at auctions in London, New York and Hong Kong, and one has just sold for over $100000.

Initially the Nike Mags were in a raffle but after the raffle the rest of the shoes were auctioned off. The winning bid came in from Hong Kong, with the winning bid set at a record £84,872 GBP, or approximately $104,267 USD.

Sneakers are not just for working out. They are fashion statements as more and more sneakers these days are coming out with limited editions. With limited edition shows coming out the price these days for sneakers is skyrocketing.

The most famous recognized shoes in the world the Air Jordan 1 (Black and Gold) recently sold for $25,000 and not more than ever there are more and more shoed collectors out there.

For the male sneaker collector the Nike Mag is the pinnacle of sneaker collecting. But most who desire this shoe can’t afford the price tag.

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Not many people could ever afford a pair of Nike Mags but if you have a couple of bucks then you have a chance to live your dreams with your lottery jackpot.



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