Powerball Winner Blows Through 27 Million in 5 Years and Dies Penniless

 In the world of winning the lottery no one is more talked about then David Lee Edwards. In just 12 years after raking in $27million cash from a lottery jackpot he died broke and all alone in hospice care.

This was supposed to be a rags to riches story and would have made a great Hollywood ending but instead it have become a horror movie instead of feel good movie.

David Lee Edwards didn’t have much in life. He spent a third of his life in prison after he was arrested for armed robbery and had little of nothing to his name and was unemployed and living with his then-girlfriend Shawna.

It got so bad for Edwards that he borrowed money from a friend to pay his water bill. Once he got the water turned on he used the rest of the money to buy a pizza and $7 worth of lotto tickets from Clark’s Pump-N-Shop.

That chance encounter at Clark’s Pump-N-Shop led him to pick the winning numbers of the US Powerball where Edwards shared the $280 million jackpot with three other lucky winners.

Edwards’s share of the lotto jackpot came to $41million lump and he wanted to take the lump sum so after taxes he came out with $27million.

So that should have been the end of the movie where everyone lives happily after.

David Lee Edwards, pictured with his new wife Shawna at their Malibu wedding shortly after winning the lottery, died in hospice at age 58

But this is where the horror story begins with this lottery win.

In just 5 short years Edwards and his wife Shawna broke were living in a storage unit contaminated with human feces.

His luck went back to the bad not long after. The first three months after winning the lottery in 2001, Edwards spent $3 million. One year after his win, he had spent $12million and in 5 short years he spent all of his lottery winnings by 2006.

So what happened?

Edwards bought a $1.6million, 6,000-square-foot and bought another $600,000 home nearby to match his collection of cars which included a $200,000 Lamborghini Diablo super car, a $35,000 Hummer golf cart and a $90,000 Dodge Viper. He also paid his ex-wife $500,000 to hand over custody to his teenage daughter.

He paid $1.9million for a LearJet, bought three losing racehorses and acquired a fiber optics installation company and a limo business for $4.5million which soon went bankrupt.

Edwards would always show off his $78,000 diamond-encrusted gold watch and a $159,000 ring and spent $30,000 on a plasma screen TV. He also have a huge collection of 200 swords, armor and antiques which we all reproductions and have little value.

But what did Edwards in after he won the US Powerball was drugs. His daughter believes all the lavish items he bought were eventually sold off to buy more drugs and pay off his debts

Edwards and his wife Shawna had multiple run-ins with police as their lives spiraled out rapidly down after the lottery money dried up

Both Edwards and Shawna started to use a ton a drugs and had numerous run-ins with police for possession of crack cocaine, prescription pills and heroin.

The drug use got worse and worse and he and wife Shawna ‘contracted hepatitis from habitual drug use and blew through the money.

It is surprising how someone could blow through 27 million in lotto winnings after winning the US Powerball but in the end David Lee Edwards alone and penniless in hospice care where he eventually died.








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