Oldest UK lottery winners ever strike it rich

Dennis Banfield has been playing the UK Lotto every draw ever since it began.

He insisted to his daughters that would only be a matter of time before he won.

Last week, the Bristol couple Dennis and his wife Shirley became the oldest winners to claim the UK Lotto Jackpot ever!

Banfield, age 87 said his wife Shirley, age 83 had occasionally urged him to stop playing the Lotto because they never won anything. But he persisted. He even insisted that his wife continue to buy tickets over Christmas while he was in the hospital for an extended amount of time because of a leg injury.

It was Shirley who purchased the ticket for their lucky win at a local newsagent. On the morning following the draw, they read out the lucky numbers and realized they had won.

The total jackpot won was £18,139,352. The ticket matched all six winning numbers 5, 8, 9, 10, 38 and 53 on the Saturday, February 17 draw of the UK Lotto.

To announce the win, the couple spoke at a hotel in Gloucestershire in front of the press.

The couple’s plans for the money aren’t lavish although they did mention that their small car would likely be replaced by a bigger one but “not a Ferrari or a Maserati.”

“With my dodgy knee, I might have to get a chauffeur for the car,” joked Dennis.

The couple has owned their three bedroom bungalow for 57 years. Shirley says anything new they might get would surely have space for a workshop for Dennis, an amateur carpenter.

The two had often talked about that they were playing the lottery for their daughters’ well-being. The greatest joy for the couple now is knowing their daughters Tina, 54 and Karen,51 would be “financially secure forever.” The winnings are being split three ways, the each daughter getting a third of the Jackpot.

The couple took their family out for a meal to tell the glorious news. When Shirley told her granddaughter about the win she replied, “Gran, it’s not April Fools Day.”

For lottery players around the world, the Banfield’s story has a lot of great takeaways.

Never miss a draw.

Persistence CAN pay off.

You can’t win a jackpot unless you have numbers in play.

It’s never too late to win!

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