Mysterious Death Creates Questions after Man Wins Lottery

It’s easy money, but having to take a lottery windfall is difficult work and sometimes dangerous as well.

But although all of us dream of winning the lottery, almost no one is prepared to deal with what goes on next. The reality is, your lucky day could turn into a very deadly day if you’re not careful and smart.

Take for example, Urooj Khan from Chicago. He was never a big fan of the lottery but in June 2012 he decided to try test his luck.  Amazingly the one and only ticket he bought in his life turned out to be a lucky one. Khan won a million dollars on his very first try. When Khan decided to pick up all of his money at once what happened next was shocking.

After he picked up his lottery winnings the very next day he was pronounced dead.

At first the a death was ruled as death by natural causes due to hardened arteries and several basic tests were run to confirm this still. But this didn’t sit well with his relatives and they were suspicious and insisted on in-depth toxicology scans and a more thorough autopsy.

Their hunch turned out to be right as Khan actually died of cyanide poisoning. The conclusion was that he was murdered for the large sum of money that he had just won from the lottery.

This motive was confirmed when someone cashed his winnings two months later however, murderer was never discovered.

Winning the lottery is certainly making your dream a reality that many people wish to win for security for the rest of their lives. The fact of the matter is that a number of people do at some point win and typically are unaware of what needs to be done afterward.

In the case of Urooj Khan someone took it upon themselves to take the life of this lucky man who was a decent honorable man that worked hard and never had any known enemies. But when money is involved people you trust and have known all your lives can turn on you in an instant.

The lottery opens people up to a world of opportunities but people must always be aware of what goes on behind as there is always unscrupulous people out there.

So if you won the lottery who would you tell? This year the Spanish EL Gordo jackpot is 3.2 billion euros. If someone would kill Khan for a million image what people would do if you won 3.2 billion.




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