Most Lucky Numbers in the World (from different cultures)

Most lucky numbers in the world (from different cultures)

Seven is everybody’s lucky numbers.

A new worldwide poll questioned more than 44,000 individuals to name their lucky number . . . and 7 was the preferred answer.

The list of the top 10 most lucky numbers were actually: Three, eight, four, five, thirteen, nine, six, two, and eleven.

The number seven already has significance with regard to cultures and religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism. Read on for the list of lucky numbers and how this can play into your lottery numbers.

The Number 7:

Lucky: UK, USA, France, Netherland, or other westernized countries.

Reason: God which will make the universe in seven days and of course the 7 deadly sins. However, references the 7 wonders of the ancient whole world along with the 7 planets of the ancient entire world.

Unlucky: China, Vietnam, Thailand

Reason: July or “the seventh month” is a month of ghost. Definitely not the mushy and kid-oriented Halloween type of solemnization as July is where certain people pay respects to the death. In most cases, the loss of life is known as “Unfair Death”, and houses need to offer fruits and food for the dead or they will be haunted. Creepy!

The Number 13:

Lucky: Italy

Reason: The number symbolizes St. Anthony in Italy, the patron saint of searching things or lost people.

Unlucky: USA, UK, Sweden, Norway, or other western influenced countries.

Reason: The number has ties to lots ofgrim events in the past, beginning with the Mayan Calendar towards the Last Supper into the Order of Killing the Knight Templar. Templar has the number 13 somewhere within their description. Plus, it doesn’t help that Friday, the 13th is considered one hell of a horrific show.

The Number 4:

Lucky: Germany

Reason: The matches up with the amount on the lucky “four-leaf clover”.

Unlucky: China, Japan, Vietnam, or whatever nations along with a Chinese or Japanese influence

Reason: In China and Japan, the way to pronounce the word when it comes to the number 4 it’s the same as the Chinese word for death.

The Number 8:

Lucky: China, Japan, Vietnam, or even a countries with a Chinese or Japanese influence

Reason: The number 8 in both of the languages, Chinese as well as Japanese is because when sounded out it sounds like money.

Unlucky: India

Reason: This is actually the number of Sani which happens to be relationship breaker & por character.

The Number 9:

Lucky: China, Norway

Reason: With regard to China the 9 happens to be the number for the Emperor. With Norwegian mythology the number 9 is part of many folk lore stories and for that reason regarding the numbers 9 is a sacred number.

Unlucky: Japan

Reason: The term is almost the same as “suffering”

The Number 3:

Lucky: China, Sweden, Italy, USA

Reason: This number is often considered to be lucky in China mainly because that it literally was featured in lots of Chinese philosophers sayings. Also, in Sweden, there’s an idiom: “All good stuff ought to can be found in three”. In Italy, 3 symbolize a triangular, a good for strength and stability. As well as of courses: “3 wishes”.

Unlucky: Vietnam, Japan

Reason: There is a superstition that if a photo appeared to be taken with 3 people in general, it is likely which the middle person is going to die.

The Number 15:

Lucky: Spain, Mexico, or other Spanish speaking nations

Reason: 15 dates way back to the Spain and how they idolize the number 15 and that past over when Spain started colonizing the world.

Unlucky: None at all

The Number 39

Lucky: USA, UK, France, or whatever country that applies Catholicism

Reason: The number is sometimes the total number of Divine guidance and has lot so of spiritual connotations.

Unlucky: Afghanistan

Reason: In Afghanistan tradition, the number 39 is said to be being a curse. This word almost sound identical to “dead cow”.

The Number 666:

Lucky: China

Reason: In China, 666 can often mean “Everything will go smoothly”. Can sometimes be spotted on neon or store signs.

Unlucky: USA, UK, Brazil, or any Christianity country

Reason: Within the bible, 666 is associated with the devil

With regard to number theory, everyone has their own lucky number from sports stars to everyday people who are superstitious.You could use some internet resource that in fact applies this theory and discover YOUR fortunate number. Many lottery winners swear by their lucky number and has used them to play and win the lottery.

So remember these lucky and unlucky numbers the next time you play the lottery. It may make you a millionaire.



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