Lotto Winner Willie Hurt Charged with Murder

It doesn’t take a rocket science to play the lottery. Millions of people do it every day. Any believe me there are people that win every day as well.

Playing the lottery is one of the easiest ways to become an instant millionaire. It doesn’t take education as all you need to do is put down a couple of bucks and boom you have a chance to become wealthy beyond your dreams.

Every person would like to win the lottery. Whenever the lottery jackpots hit the record breaking jackpot everyone goes out and purchases a number of their lucky numbers hoping and thinking that at least one of the tickets will alter your lifestyle forever – In most cases winning the lottery is the ultimate dream.

But that doesn’t mean when you win the lottery it makes you a smarter person.

On the contrary, there are a few jackpot winners that have had trouble along with their lottery winnings, and several of those have just simply lost just everything. In case you’re ever fortunate lucky enough to win the lotto jackpot remember the story of Willie Hurt so you won’t make the same mistake he did.

In 1989, Willie won a $3.1 million cash prize in the Michigan Sweepstakes – a dream come true for anyone. Willie was on his last dime when he won the lottery and this should have been the end of the story as he should have lived the rest of his life doing all things in life he could ever dream of.

Unfortunately, Willie’s dreams might not be most people’s dreams.

Within 24 months, Hurt split up from his wife, lost child custody of his children, blew the rest of his lottery winnings, and soon was faced with attempted murder charges. His lawyers stated that most of his lottery winnings were gone which was largely due to his crack cocaine addiction.

Drug abuse and his love for crack cocaine is the key reason why he lost all of his wealth after winning $3.1 million dollars.

Hurt was arraigned on murder charges on the Sept. 19 1991 for the death of Wendy Elizabeth Kimmey, 30, who was killed with the blow to the head.

Kimmey’s body was located on the floor along the Burkewood Inn, a rooming house in which Hurt appeared to be renting out a room for almost 3 weeks, police said.

Witnesses informed policemen the couple appeared to be on a drug and alcoholic binge for 2 days. People said they actually heard Hurt and Kimmey having loud and vicious arguments.

Ingham County Prosecutor Donald Martin mentioned Hurt was angry due to the fact they started arguing over whose crack was whose and a fight ensued.

Willie blew through almost 3.1 million dollars on crack cocaine and had nothing left to show for it. He did not invest or buy a house or car or anything most of us would do when winning the lottery.

In the end, winning the lottery is a blessing to most but there are few that take their lottery jackpot to the extremes and in some cases it might be the worst thing that ever happened to them.

Therefore if you are lucky to hit the big lotto jackpot take the necessary time and come up with an organized plan or you to will have nothing to show for it.

Care to test your luck on playing the lottery. Remember that when do win the lottery think of Willie and don’t ask yourself the question “What would Willie Do?”


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