Lotto Winner Blows Up House and Goes to Jail

You hear a lot of stories about the lottery. One thing that stands out is that winning the lottery can change your life instantly and that everyday someone wins the lottery around the world.

There are so many story how such a windfall has been able to enrich the lives of so many people when they won a lottery jackpot. There are so many feel good stories as now people can buy and do whatever they want all for the price of a cup of coffee.

But there are instances of people winning the lottery where things took a turn for the worse.

Here is the story of a man who won sweepstakes but becomes one of the unluckiest people on earth. Due to the embarrassing nature of the store we have kept his name private.

A young man we will called John from Wichita Kansas who made his living working at the local Sonic Burger employee bought a lucky scratch ticket which won him $750,000.To many this might be the luckiest day in their lives.

When John picked up his winnings at the lottery office he got a bonus lucky lottery winner t-shirt proclaiming that he was the latest lottery winner.

John proudly sported the t-shirt when he went to make his first purchase with his newfound wealth that when things started to go bad.

Unlike most people the first thing he wanted to buy with his new found lottery money turned out to be marijuana and methamphetamine.

After his first big score John went home with his judgment clouded from the tasting of the goods he had acquired. He reloaded his butane lighter standing right next to a gas stove which resulted in an explosion that destroyed most of his house but luckily left him alive.

John did survive the blast to his home but the police found just enough drugs to arrest him right after he came out of the hospital.

John may have survived the blast but in his case the lottery jackpot made him do reckless things with his money that resulting in his arrest. There are many lessons to learn from this story. First don’t do drugs, second don’t wear a lucky winner t-shirt proclaiming you won the lottery, third if you do drugs don’t do drugs so close to an open flammable flame.

For the price of a cup of coffee his lottery win should have changed his life for the better but instead he lost his home, got a criminal record and most likely lost the remained of his lottery winnings on legal fees.

So will you be like John and waste you lottery winnings on bad decisions?

What would you do with the money you won from the lottery?

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