Is He the Luckiest or Unluckiest Person In the World?

Winning the lottery has so many benefits to enriching the lives of the winners that everyone dreams of.  We heard so many stories on how people strike it big as they hit the big lottery jackpot. It can’t be no surprise as here are so many lotteries out there in the world.

Believe me everyday someone wins the lottery and instant millionaires are created on a daily basis. Everyone always hears stories about winning the lottery and I bet you have spent time at work or school thinking about what you would do with all your new found wealth.

This fact that someone wins around the world every day is a big motivator for people to go out and buy a lottery tickets. Just last month the US Powerball hit close to a billion dollars!!!!!!! Now with online lottery websites like people around the world can buy a lotto ticket with their mobile phone. It’s just that easy.

Winning the lottery is an escape everyone has thought about some times in their lives and for those that win the big jackpot their lives have been forever changed. But there are cases where the fortunes of a lottery win became a nightmare rather than a dream.

Here is the story of a man who won a lottery and has to be one of the unlucky people on earth.

Frane Selak from Croatia can either be regarded as the luckiest or unluckiest man in the world depending on how you look at his situation.

Selak has a bad habit of getting into trouble his entire life coming face-to-face with death far too often. This music teachers string of near-fatal accidents started all the

way back in the 1960s when he was travelling on a train from Sarajevo where the train suddenly derailed and plunged into an icy river killing -17 passengers but not Selak who just walked away with just a broken neck.

The following year Selak flew to Rajeka when the cockpit door of the plant was blown away killing 19 passengers and leaving Selak with minor injuries as he miraculously landed in a haystack. In 1970 he managed to escape minutes before his car exploded due to a faulty fuel pump and three years later another one of his cars caught fire with him losing only his hair.

Twenty years later he was hit by a city bus but was completely fine. And in 1996 he drove off a cliff to avoid an accident on the road and managed to survive with just a few scratches.

In 2003, however, his string of unlucky misfortunes ended when he won a million dollar lottery. If there is one person on earth that should be a lottery ticket it’s Frane Selak. He escaped death so many times he must have an angel by his side.

And that’s what happened. Frane Selak one day decided to play the lottery and after his near death experiences he hit the lotto jackpot. But that was short lived. Whatever he won quickly disappeared as he spent in on living the high life. He spent all the money quickly and live like a rockstar for a number of years. But in the end he wasted all his earning away and is left with nothing to show for it. To Selak he thought he escaped death so many times he wanted to make the most of his money since he knows that live on this planet is short and can he could go any day.

For a man that lived so close to death so many times no matter if he blew through his winnings he has to still be considered one of the luckiest man on the world.

So Frane Selak is still alive after all the near death experiences. He is lucky and unlucky at the same but has the stories to prove it.

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