Hermes Birkin Is the Pinnacle in Luxury Bags

What women doesn’t love handbag. From the coveted Chanel Boy Bag, to the Louis Vuitton Twist to the most prized hand bag in the world the Hermes Birkin it’s something every girl dreams of.

As more and more luxury goods are increasing every year it is becoming less and less attainable for the average women to get one. Right now the demand for luxury bags is at an all-time demand but so too has the price skyrocketed.

The Chanel Boy Bag’s price has not increased to over $6K in some markets, the Louis Vuitton Twist is almost $5700 and the Hermes Birkin has gone to $12K. That’s if you can get one. In most cases the after-market demand and price is more than the actual price. Since the Birkin bags is the most prized hand bag in the world the after-market price ranges from $15 to 20 for a bag. Even regular Birkin bags start at about $10,000 and have huge month’s long or even years-long waiting lists just for the chance to buy one.

The price of the luxury hand bag is something most women love but it becoming increasingly more and more difficult for women to attain such things. Now the famous Hermes Birkin has outdone themselves with the most expensive handbag to ever hit the market. Hermès has just come out with the white Himalaya crocodile diamond encrusted Birkin bag that is selling for $379,261. Christie’s will be selling this rare handbag at its’ auction and they expect it will fetch higher then $379,261 making this the most expensive handbag every to be sold.


This year’s edition of the white Himalaya Birkin, handmade from Niloticus crocodile (an albino crocodile so the skin and leather is white) has more than 240 diamonds on its 18-karat-gold hardware. Previous edition sold for a little over $300,000 in 2016 but this year’s edition is set to shatter the handbag price tag.

Birkins aren’t just fashion statements as now they are investments as the bags only appreciate in value over time and in some cases have better return of investments over Wall Street.

While a Birkin is on every women’s wish list many people will never be able to afford such a luxury item. In some cases a Hermes bag is more than some people make in a year.

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